Road transportation

ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity.

Road transportation is one of the most popular and widely used methods of the goods delivery. This transportation mode has its distinctive features that make it advantageous as well as effective for many types of cargos and routes:

1. Flexibility and accessibility:

Road transportations allow to deliver the cargo practically to any destination that can be reached by the road. Given flexibility enables the locations, unavailable for other transport modes, to be reached.

2. Door-to-door delivery:

One of the main advantages of the road transportation is an opportunity to make a door-to-door delivery, by accomplishing an entire logistics service.

3. Load-bearing capacity and dimensions:

Different types of vehicles allow transportation of a great variety of cargo types – from small packages to huge containers and extremely heavy construction materials.

4. Geographic coverage:

The roads are almost everywhere, what makes road transportation available in all the regions and for any distances.

5. Flexibility of itinerary adjustment:

If necessary, the route can be amended quite fast that enables avoiding unexpected situations.

6. Simplified short distance cargo transportation:

Road transportations are the most suitable for short distance deliveries where other kinds of transport can be less efficient.

7. Tracking and control:

Most of the transportation companies provide the service of real time tracking which allows to have control over the cargo delivery.

8. Opportunity of partial loading:

The goods can be transported as a part of a consolidated cargo, what reduces transportation expenses.

9. Efficiency:

Road transportation enables fast cargo delivery of the goods with limited shelf life.

ACTIVE RISE, being a modern transportation company with an impeccable reputation, we offer customers a wide range of cargo road transportation opportunities:

  • local and international
  • for any industry
  • small- and large-sized
  • off-standard cargoes
  • dangerous goods
  • etc

We practice custom-tailored approach to each and every customer, thus we arrange transportation based on customer’s particular requirements and expectations.

We can arrange any mean of transport, dependent of your request:

  • Сurtain-sided trucks
  • All-metal trucks
  • Refrigerator trucks
  • Buses
  • Tank trucks
  • Low-bed and platform trucks
  • Manipulator equipped trucks

Ordering transportation service in our company you get more than you expect!

ACTIVE RISE is a guarantee of quality and reliability!

ACTIVE RISE company is a member of DCCI, that speaks of our clear operation principles and reliability.


ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Road transportation

ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Oversized transportation

Specialized service to transport oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes

Air transportation

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Multimodal transportation

We take care of all the organizational arrangements

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