Oversized cargo transportation

ACTIVE RISE company is your reliable partner in the field of oversized cargo transportation. We understand that oversized goods require some special approach, expertise and experience, that is why we offer comprehensive solutions aimed at ensuring safety, efficiency and success of your business.

Our advantages:

1. Expertise: We are experienced in transportation of oversized cargoes of various dimensions as well as of diverse level of complexity. Our experts are familiar with all the aspects and requirements of this type of transportation.

2. Custom-tailored approach: Each case requires a unique approach to it. We develop individual solutions for every customer, taking into account distinctive features of the cargo and the itinerary as well as necessity of compliance with any norms and regulations.

3. Ensuring safety: We do emphasize the safety of the transportation. Our professionals are using the most up-to-date goods fixing solutions that secure the integrity of the cargo and prevent any possible damage.

4. Technical equipment: We are having at our disposal a high-tech transportation vehicles pool, equipped with all the necessary goods fixing tools and safety facilities for transportation of oversized cargoes.

5. Communication and tracking: We provide a constant contact with our team during the transportation.

6. Timing: We realize that time is precious for you, so we stick to the fastest delivery time possible and ensure timely services.

If you need reliable and professional transportation of oversized goods ACTIVE RISE is here to become your partner for it. Our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation, plan an optimal route and deliver high level of service.

ACTIVE RISE company is a member of DCCI, that speaks of our clear operation principles and reliability.


ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Road transportation

ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Oversized transportation

Specialized service to transport oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes

Air transportation

Air transportation allows to deliver the goods to any location of the planet in less than 24 hours

Multimodal transportation

We take care of all the organizational arrangements

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