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9 years in the logistics market
Members of the UCCI
Transportation of all cargoes from 0.5 tons
Delivery of cargo to any point in the world
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Regardless of the type of cargo or specific requirements, ACTIVE RISE provides a diverse range of services, including a full spectrum of transportation solutions: road, sea, and air transport. We offer flexible options to meet your unique needs

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Reliability and accuracy in every shipment: ACTIVE RISE - a company that ensures uninterrupted flow of goods and transparent logistics for your business.



ACTIVE RISE transport company arranges transportation of any cargo on a turnkey basis all over the world. We take up all the transportation and loading-unloading arrangements, as well as paper work. We guarantee high-quality and timely delivery of your goods to the destination. We plan and implement all the stages of the logistics process on the most favorable conditions for you: build optimal itinerary, conform and file licensing and customs documents, arrange all the shipping works, optimize all the process for you.

Our transportation geography starts with the domestic operations on the territory of Ukraine and stretches as far as The United States of America. We aim to cover every distant spot of our immense planet and know how to embody that.

For your convenience ACTIVE RISE provides the following services:

Ancillary services:

Entrust your transportation logistics to the professionals! ACTIVE RISE will deliver your goods safe and in time!

ACTIVE RISE company is a member of DCCI, that speaks of our clear operation principles and reliability.

Road transportation

ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Oversized transportation

Specialized service to transport oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes

Air transportation

Air transportation allows to deliver the goods to any location of the planet in less than 24 hours

Multimodal transportation

We take care of all the organizational arrangements

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