Operating procedure

For convenience of the company operation and efficient interaction with our clients and partners we have worked out a uniform operating procedure.

Each stage of the interaction with a customer is supervised by the specialist of a proper expertise and knowledge. That is why the whole process of cargo transportation, from filing an application to the goods arrival at the destination is fully under control of ACTIVE RISE.

Fine-tuned algorithm of the company operation allows to guarantee the quality of its services. We control the process from all the sides: company specialists at their responsibility areas, while the company management at the checkpoints of each stage.


You can file an application for cargo transportation or any other service offered by ACTIVE RISE company by any communication type, which you find convenient. Our company contact information is in the CONTACTS section.

Itinerary planning

All the logistics processes are optimized for delivering your goods within the shortest period of time for a considerable price. We choose an optimal delivery route since saving your time is a part of our business. We always propose several options possible and confirm the details with the client before dispatch.

Signing of the contract

Contract signing is an important part of interaction between us and our partners - it allows to save both parties from possible unnecessary problems.

Application fulfillment

After signing of the contract and confirmation of the details you can return to your business processes, since we take care of all the rest.

ACTIVE RISE company is a member of DCCI, that speaks of our clear operation principles and reliability.


ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Road transportation

ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

Oversized transportation

Specialized service to transport oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes

Air transportation

Air transportation allows to deliver the goods to any location of the planet in less than 24 hours

Multimodal transportation

We take care of all the organizational arrangements

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