Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a combined type of transportation of your goods that is executed by means of several transport units. This stage-by-stage transportation is essential in case of limitations of transport infrastructure at goods dispatch/destination locations.

Here are some advantages of this transportation mode:

1. Combining of transport modes:

The main distinctive feature of the multimodal transportation is using of several transport modes (for example, trucking, railway, sea, air) in a single logistics chain. This allows to minimize the limitations of each separate transport mode and use their advantages.

2. Route optimization:

Multimodal transportation allows to choose the optimal route, considering various factors, such as the cost, delivery time, transport connections etc.

3. Paperwork and control:

Multimodal transportation combines diverse transport modes each with its specific paperwork and regulations. Efficient system of document flow and control is an integral part of multimodal transportation.

4. Terms and coordination:

Coordination between separate transport modes and timely transfer of the cargo from one transport mode to another is a key aspect of multimodal transportation.

5. Decrease of cost:

Utilizing various transport modes allows to decrease the expenses at the sections of the route where certain transport modes can be beneficial over the others.

6. No need for transit warehouse:

Multimodal transportation reduces considerably the requirement of transit warehouse, since the cargo can be moved from one transport mode to the next one, without necessity to store it.

These combined transportations are usually done under surveillance of ACTIVE RISE company skilled specialists at every stage. We guarantee that the goods will be delivered in time, safe and door-to-door.

Our transportation company is extensively experienced in multimodal transportations. We take care of all the arrangements so that you could save your time and focus on your business.

You can request price quotation from ACTIVE RISE specialists by any communication type, which you find convenient.

ACTIVE RISE company is a member of DCCI, that speaks of our clear operation principles and reliability.


ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

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ACTIVE RISE company provides road transportation of cargoes of any degree of complexity

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Specialized service to transport oversized and heavy or non-standard cargoes

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Air transportation allows to deliver the goods to any location of the planet in less than 24 hours

Multimodal transportation

We take care of all the organizational arrangements

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